Progress Reports

Progress Reports

Reporting to parents occurs regularly throughout the school year through the use of Parent Portal. This continuous communication provides Grade 1 - 8 students and parents with feedback that is clear, specific, meaningful and timely to support improved learning and achievement.

Progress Reports are issued twice a year to parents/caregivers of Kindergarten through Grade 8 students. In 2018, Reports will be issued on February 2nd and June 28th.

Personal & Social Growth

Regina Public Schools shared values allow students to know how to learn more effectively, develop their potential as independent learners and take ownership over their own learning. They are evaluated separately from student achievement of course expectations.

Levels of Achievement

The levels of achievement scale describes the student's progression toward meeting provincial outcomes. The levels are not used to compare students with other students.


K-8                                             Meaning

BE     The student is having difficulty meeting the outcome and requires assistance.

PR     Students who are progressing as expected will be in this range. Some assistance is required.

ME     The student is fully meeting the outcome. They show what they know independently.

ET     The child has full mastery of the outcome and can apply the knowledge. Students with these grades have extensive and deep understanding of the outcome and require no guidance or assistance.

IN     The student has not yet demonstrated enough evidence for reporting purposes.

AG     The student demonstrates understanding of outcomes that are adjusted in number and complexity. This level of achievement would be discussed with parents prior to the formal Progress Report.

EL     The student is focused on English language proficiency. Adjustments have been made to curriculum expectations to address language learning.