ACT! Anti-Racist, Cross-Cultural Team Development

ACT! is Regina Public Schools anti-racism, cross-cultural youth leadership program for students in Grades 6 to 12. ACT! School Teams are established in several elementary and high schools throughout the system.

ACT! team members work to  raise the global community of their schools, through positive action and support of all students. The ACT! program gives students and staff the tools to take on a leadership role in their community. ACT! members work together to create respectful learning communities free from discrimination, prejudice, stereotyping and racism in the hopes of achieving equitable opportunities and outcomes for all of our students.

The Ruth Pawson School ACT! team is supervised by Mrs. K. Couse. Our Pawson team will participate in the "Regina Public Day of WE" on November 27th for an exciting afternoon of guest speakers and entertainers at the Conexus Arts Centre. The goal for the "Regina Public Day of WE" is to inspire and actively engage the next generation of world-changers to make a positive difference in their local and global communities by promoting meaningful cultural understanding and connections between local and global awareness issues. The "Regina Public Day of WE" will serve to instill the Me to WE philosophy of youth empowerment in all students!

Our Pawson team will also be attending a retreat at November 28th at Thom Collegiate, where they will participate in a number of activities designed to encourage discussion around racism, discrimination, labeling, identity, culture, trust, community, reconciliation and bullying.