Pawson Players

Pawson Players

Did you know that...

- Ruth Pawson School now has an extracurricular theatre troupe for students in Grade 5 - 8?

- our theatre troupe is called the "Pawson Players" and included actors and stage crew, and is directed by Mrs. C. Lelliottt, our Arts Education Specialist Teacher?

- the Pawson Christmas concert held at Thom Collegiate on December 21st will look different this year because, in addition to Kindergarten to Grade 5 classes singing, the Pawson Players are performing their first play?

- our Pawson Players' first performance will be the play called A Christmas Scarol, written by Don Zolidis, on December 21st?

- in order to stage a play, we have to purchase scripts (approximate cost of $12.00 each) and also pay performance royalties?

- we will have a silver collection basket at the performance on December 21st to help us offset these costs?

Information about our upcoming performance of A Christmas Scarol:

"When Tim can't think of a Christmas gift to get his high maintenance girlfriend, he's visited by four terrifying spirits (actually five - they've been hiring) who whisk him away on a harrowing and hilarious journey into the past, present and future, and an alternate timeline. This wild and free-spirited adaptation of the holiday classic is a reminder of the true meaning of Christmas."

The cast of 24 characters is played by 14 Pawson Players actors, who look forward to performing for you!

Exhibition of Student Works

Regina Public Schools will be hosting an exhibition of student works at the Art Show Open House on Tuesday, November 7, 2017, from 6:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. Student art work from 16 elementary and high schools will be showcased.

Congratulations to the following Ruth Pawson Students who will have their art work exhibited at this show: McKenzie,Grade 6; Lyrrah, Grade 5; Kailee, Grade 3; Lincoln, Grade 3; Ainsley, Grade 5; Matea, Grade 5.