Volleyball Seasons Begins!

We would like to have a girls' and boys' volleyball team this year at Pawson but are struggling to find a coach for the boys' team.  If you, or someone you know, would be interested in volunteering please contact the school asap.  A teacher would be available to help with scheduling, transportation, etc., but the volleyball know-how is what we need!  Thanks!

Welcome Back/Open House Barbeque

Sep 19 2013 5:30 pm
Sep 19 2013 7:00 pm

The September newsletter and calendar have been added to the website. See you on the 19th for our Open House and School BBQ!


A new school year is set to begin!

Please mark the following days on your calendar:

August 26-29 (1-4):  Office is open for new registrations

September 3 (8:53):  School begins.  All students will meet in the gym.

September 19 (5-7):  School Open House and BBQ

2013-2014 Ruth Pawson Staff

Principal-Ms. J. Revet

Administrative Assistant-Mrs. A. Mehl

Head Facilities-Mr. B. Schiissler

Kindergarten A.M.-Mrs. A. Millar

Kindergarten P.M.-Mrs. S. Silverthorn

Grade 1-Miss M. Bayda

Grade 1/2-Miss J. Hegion (Mrs. C. Bray-maternity leave)

Grade 2/3-Mrs. K. Warnyca-Strecker

Grade 3/4 A.M.-Mrs. L. Landgraf

Grade 3/4 P.M.-Mrs. F. Kannellopoulos-Perentes

Grade 4/5-Mr. P. Johnson

Grade 5/6-Ms. C. Ball

Grade 6/7-Mrs. J. McMartin

Grade 8-Ms. C. Wilkinson

SLC-Mrs. C. Kaluza-Huges

LRT-Mrs. L. Janzen

Arts Education Specialist-Mrs. K. Ruggieri

Core French & Phys. Ed. Specialist-Mr. S. Gardiner

Core French Specialist-Miss A. Delorme

Teacher Librarian-Mrs. L. Kurucz

Educational Assistant-Mrs. B. Karaim

Educational Assistant-Miss A. Francis

Kindergarten Educational Assistant-Miss K. Randhawa

SLC Educational Assistant-Mrs. S. Hastings

SLC Educational Assistant-Ms. C. Mainland

Student Achievement Consultant-Mrs. L. Ellis

Library Technician-Mrs. L. Paproski

School Counsellor-Mr. J Renwick

Psychologist-Ms. S. Braithwaite

Speech & Language Pathologist- Ms. C. Hamel

Occupational Therapist-Ms. K. Tameling

Superintendent-Mr. L. Lerminiaux


2013-2014 School Supply List

For the 2013-2014 school supply list click here

If the link doesn't work, go to ruthpawson.rbe.sk.ca and you will find it on the home page as an attachment under Happy Summer!

We realize you do not know whose homeroom your child will be in next year so if you are unsure what to purchase for the first day of school, just go with the basic supplies that appear to be on both lists and the minimum quantity of school supplies suggested for your child's grade (i.e, if one grade asks for 6 duotangs and the other for 12 go with 6). Your child's homeroom teacher will let you know of any additional school supplies that will be required in the new year.

Have a great summer!

Shared Information Relating to the 2017-18 Provincial Budget

On Tuesday, March 28, 2017, at the public meeting of the Regina Board of Education, the Director of Education, Greg Enion shared information relating to the 2017-18 Provincial Budget. The points he made are available on the news page of the Regina Public Schools website. Please take the time to read this information about the potential financial impact of the Provincial Budget Regina Public Schools. The direct link to the website information is. http://www.rbe.sk.ca/news/2017/03/provincial-budget-information-board-meeting

Ruth Pawson School AGM

Mark your calendars!

The Ruth Pawson School AGM will be held on Tuesday, June 13, 2017 at 6:30 PM.  Everyone is invited to attend!

Kindergarten Information

December Newsletter 2016

December Newsletter 2016

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