September Newsletter

2014 Pawson Track and Field

Our Pawson Track and Field Meet

is set to go this afternoon (Monday, June 2nd)


However, if the weather does not cooperate, or if the field is still too muddy to run,

we may postpone our meet until the MORNING of Tuesday, June 3rd (tomorrow).

Please check back to check on changes.


Click HERE to see a schedule of events.  Parents are welcome to attend.

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We have had a few glitches with the notification system so please check the website for the latest news and newsletter. Thanks!

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SCC Elections

Elections for the 2013-2014 Ruth Pawson School Community Council will take place on

Tuesday, September 10 at 6:30 in the school library.

Free child care provided!

Open seats include: Chair, Secretary & Members at Large

Thank you to Ami Penner who has volunteered to do Hot Lunches next year!


Happy Summer!

On behalf of the Ruth Pawson staff, we would like to wish you a safe and relaxing summer.

Classes begin September 3 at 8:53 a.m.

Students will learn who their classroom teacher is at that time.

School Supply List and Registration forms are attached to the bottom of this message

The school office will open on Monday, August 26th from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

If you wish to register your child prior to August 26th you may do so at the Regina Public School Division office,

1600 4th Avenue, Phone 306-523-3000

Last Week of School Reminders

There are a lot of articles from the lost and found on display in the main hallway. Please have your students take a look or stop by to collect missing articles of clothing. All unclaimed items will be bagged up and donated to the Salvation Army.


Monday, June 24th

Kindergartens are off to Gymanastics Adventure in the morning and afternoon

Grade 1-4 are bowling from 1:15-3:00 at the Glencairn bowling alley

Grade 5-8 are off to the Rainbow Cinemas from 12:45-3:00 (please make sure you are on time or you will miss the bus!)

Tuesday, June 25th

Grade 1-4 are off to Rainbow Cinemas from 12:45-3:00 (please make sure you are on time or you will miss the bus!)

Grade 5-8 are bowling from 1:15-3:00 at the Glencairn bowling alley


ALL students MUST have a signed permission form to attend the Year End Activities

Wednesday, June 26th

Awards Assembly in the gym at 9:15 a.m. All families welcome to attend!

SCC Hot Dog BBQ for all students and staff over the lunch hour

Dismissal at 2:30 (students will be sent home with their report cards at this time)


Classes resume on Tuesday, September 3 at 8:53 a.m.


Elections for the 2013-2014 SCC will take place on Tuesday, September 10 at 6:30 in the school library.


Have a wonderful summer!

Douglas Park Track and Field - Thurs., June 13th ALL DAY

Ruth Pawson School will have nearly 60 students from Grades 4 to 8 participating at Douglas Park Track on Thursday, June 13th.

Click HERE if you requrie a copy of the permission form ($1.50 for bus required)

An approximate timetable of events is HERE.

Note:  Categories are as follows (ages as of June 1st)

Midget = 10 years old and younger
Junior = 11 Years old
Intermediate = 12 Years old
Senior = 13 Years old or older

Thank You Ruth Pawson Volunteers

Thank you to the 2012-2013 Ruth Pawson volunteers. Thank you for volunteering your time and taking part in your child's education. Your generosity is greatly appreciated! A library book has been dedicated to you in our School Resource Center. If your name was missed in error, please accept our sincere apologies and let the office know as soon as possible so your name can be added to our list and a book can be dedicated to you.


Dawn Anderson

Dennis Baskerville

Christelle Batty

Michelle Beaulieu

Clinton Biddle

Pam Bisson

Blaine Bosley

Charlene Bosley

Aimee Brandt

Angela Bray

Jillian Brundage

Karen Bryant

Christie Bugiera

Dierdre Cameron

Karen Eger

Diana Eiswirth

Robert Eiswirth

Lacey Euteneier

Brenda Fedirko

Lynn Fedirko

Craig Fleming

Tina Folden

Gaylene Fontaine

Les Friesen

Tammy Gartner

Lauren Glover

Crystal Goebel

Ferrah Graham

Alana Hameluck

Lisa Hastings

Shaun Hastings

Tammy Heerspink

Heather Hennie

Jen Johnson

Rob Johnson

Sherry Johnson

Heather Johnston

Rae Jones

Lori Keck

Jodi Koback

Bev Kowbel

Chris Krechowiecki

Jodi Krechowiecki

Glenna Kuntz

Elena Kupper

Joan Lapchuk

Ashley Lindsay

Kristin MacPherson

Cara Mansuy

Shandra Massier

Jennifer McKnight

Lisa Moore

Gena Morton

Lori Multon

Jason Owens

Ami Penner

Michelle Peters

Brittney Pidmen

Riley Pollock

Allisson Quine

Jamie Rabbetz

Shannon Reilly

Karmyn Richter

Michelle Ring

Brad Ritz

Cam Ritz

Christine Ritz

Shaylene Salazar

Natasha Sentes

Judy Smibert

Mike Spicer

Wendy Spicer

Terry Spatt-Cody

Michelle Stashko

Nikki Thiessen

Phillis Tymiak

MIchelle Wahl

Carmella Wall

Shawna Wall

Heidi Walters

Gwen Warnyca

Jelena Weigandt

Jenna Wender

Tim Wilke

Shawna Winchester

Jamie Wolf

Kelsey Wolf


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