Ruth Pawson School Community Council


The School Community Council is the community's connection to our school. It is made up of parents, school administration, teachers and even representatives from the students.

Meetings are usually held on the Second Tuesday of each month, beginning at 6:30 p.m. in the Resource Centre.
We would love to see you there. Child care is provided.

The SCC is a publicly elected body that is responsible to the school community and to the Board.  An Scc has no authority over any matter that would normally be the responsibilty of the school or the school board administration.  The principal and the teacher are the SCC's direct links back to the school, staff and student community.  The principal is responsible for the administration of the school and has authority, under some direction of RPS over the running of the school, its activities and projects. 

SCC Duties:

An SCC’s duties are detailed in The Education Act.  In summary these duties are:
Encourage and promote parent and community participation in school planning including:
Working with school staff to develop and recommend to the Board a Learning Improvement Plan that complements the Continuous Improvement Plan
Complete any work defined by the approved Learning Improvement Plan
Engage in regular and annual communications to parents/guardians and community members about plans, initiatives and successes
Develop and participate in studies and activities that support or seek to understand how to enhance the community’s and students’ well being and learning potential
Develop, participate in and administer any school programs that previous parent councils may have organized, such as lunch programs.
Take part in any available training or orientation that supports the goals of the SCC
Provide advice and feedback to the Board, school staff and any agency involved in the development of students
Never discuss publicly or have access to any personal and/or confidential information relating to Regina Public Schools students, staff, administration, Board or family
Be familiar with and comply with RPS regulations and policies
Establish and maintain a Board-approved constitution (See
Policy 18, Appendix B

Your 2016-2017 SCC executive:

Mike Spicer

Adam Walters

James Rathwell

Kelsey Wolf


SCC related documents available below:  

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