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October Newsletter & Calendar

Hello famililes!  This month's newsletter and calendar have been added to the website.  Follow the Public Links to access them.  Stay warm! 

Mark your calendars!

Picture Day - October 15

Progress Reports - November 22

Student-Parent-Teacher Conferences - November 29

Christmas Concert - December 11

Good news!

Perhaps your children have shared with you that our classrooms are much too full!   Our Pupil Teacher Ratio is in fact too high so we will be adding another classroom as of Friday, September 13.  This change will create some chaos for a few days as new teachers will be hired, class lists and schedules will need to change and furniture will need to be moved but the end result will be less students per class - good news for everyone!    We ask for your patience and support while we reconfigure groups and teaching assignments.  Thank you!  

Volleyball Seasons Begins!

We would like to have a girls' and boys' volleyball team this year at Pawson but are struggling to find a coach for the boys' team.  If you, or someone you know, would be interested in volunteering please contact the school asap.  A teacher would be available to help with scheduling, transportation, etc., but the volleyball know-how is what we need!  Thanks!

The September newsletter and calendar have been added to the website. See you on the 19th for our Open House and School BBQ!

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